About Dr. Altaf Akbar - Cataract surgeon in Hyderabad

Dr. Altaf Akbar has completed his MBBS From Osmania medical college and completed his basic ophthalmic surgical training from the prestigious Sri Ramachandra Medical College in Chennai. He received the prestigious fellowship of the International Council of Ophthalmology (FACO) as well as the coveted Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS), Glasgow, United Kingdom. After Completing his education, he joined his father in establishing Dr. Akbar super speciality eye hospitals in 1996. Since then He is practicing at Dr. Akbar Super Speciality Eye hospital and is the Managing Director till date.

He has performed over 1 lakh cataract surgeries and 10,000 + Lasik surgeries till date and is the chief cataract surgeon at Dr. Akbar super speciality Eye Hospitals. Dr. Altaf Akbar was the first one to start phacoemulsification surgeries under topical anaesthesia .He specializes in a niche segment of complex Cataract care management, Corneal refractive surgeries and Squint surgery procedures.

  • MBBS(OSM),
  • D.O.(SRMC),
  • FRCS (Glasgow U.K.) FICO,
  • Eye Consultant,
  • Phoco & Lasik surgeon
  • Cataract,
  • Lasik,
  • Glaucoma,
  • Squint,
  • Paediatric ophthalmology
  • 30 Years