1- glaucoma is an eye condition where the pressure inside the eye gradually increases, damaging the optic nerve and causing vision loss over time.
2- the silent thief of sight – Glaucoma is often called the & silent thief of sight & because it can damage your vision without causing obvious symptoms until it quite advanced. It  a group of eye conditions that damage the optic nerve, which is crucial for good vision. This damage is often
caused by increased pressure inside the eye, leading to gradual loss of peripheral vision and, if untreated, can eventually lead to blindness. Early detection and treatment are essential to prevent vision loss from glaucoma.
3- Who is at risk for glaucoma (icons)
4- Symptoms for glaucoma (icons)
5- Diagnosis of glaucoma –
1. Tonometry
measures intraocular pressure (IOP) using a device called a tonometer
, a key sign for diagnosing glaucoma.
2- Ophthalmoscopy: Your doctor will use a special lens to examine the optic nerve for signs
of damage
3. Visual Field Testing
Also termed perimetry, this exam assesses the entire visual field, both vertically and horizontally.
You'll look into a machine and press a button when you see lights, which helps check your side vision
.It facilitates the identification of any glaucoma-related anomalies or areas of visual loss. This test
maps your peripheral vision to detect any areas of vision loss, which can be a sign of glaucoma
4- Gonioscopy: This test examines the drainage angle of the eye to determine if it's open or closed,
which helps diagnose different types of glaucoma

5. Optic Nerve Imaging /OCT- To see and evaluate the optic nerve head and nerve fiber layer, high-
resolution imaging methods like optical coherence tomography (OCT) are employed. This helps in the
early detection and tracking of the progression of glaucoma
If glaucoma is suspected, your doctor may monitor your condition over time with regular follow-up
exams and tests to track any changes in your eye health. Early diagnosis and treatment are key to
managing glaucoma and preventing vision loss.
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6—-Glaucoma Treatment – 1. Medication (Eye Drops)- The first
line of treatment for lowering intraocular pressure is frequently prescription
eye drops. eye drops for glaucoma are like special liquid medicines that
you put in your eyes to help control the pressure inside them. They work
by either helping your eyes make less fluid or by improving how fluid
drains out of your eyes.

2. Laser Therapy
Effective methods for lowering intraocular pressure include selective laser
trabeculoplasty (SLT) and laser peripheral iridotomy (LPI), which enhance
fluid outflow from the eye. laser therapy for glaucoma involves using a
special kind of focused light to treat the eye and help lower eye pressure.
There are a few types:
selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT): It helps to unclog the eye's drainage
system to let fluid flow out better, reducing pressure inside the eye.
laser peripheral iridotomy (LPI): It makes a tiny hole in the colored part of
the eye to improve fluid drainage and lower pressure.
Cyclophotocoagulation: It reduces the production of fluid in the eye by
using the laser on a different part of the eye.
3. Surgical Procedures- Patients with uncontrolled or severe glaucoma
may require surgical procedures.
Tube shunt surgery: This involves placing a tiny tube in the eye to help drain
fluid and lower pressure, like installing a small drainage pipe.
Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS): These are newer, less
invasive procedures that aim to improve drainage or decrease fluid
production, like clearing a blocked drain or adjusting a faucet

.Goniotomy: This procedure opens up the eye's natural drainage system to
allow fluid to flow out more easily, similar to cleaning out a clogged drain.
.These surgeries are done to lower eye pressure and prevent further
damage to the optic nerve, which can help preserve vision in people with

7- Latest Technology used for Glaucoma treatment(equipment)– 1
Humphrey Field Analyzer 3
2- b scan- https://www.appasamy.com/ultrasound-scanner/ab-scan-with-
3- YAG laser – https://www.appasamy.com/laser-therapeutic/yag-slt-
3- Topcon maestro 2 robotic oct
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