Pediatric Eye Treatment in Hyderabad and Anantapur

Pediatric Eye Treatment in Hyderabad and Anantapur

Millions of children around the world are affected by eye problems every year. In some cases, these problems can be treated successfully. Pediatric eye treatment is a process by which a child's vision is corrected. This can be done through glasses or contact lenses. Conditions like Refractive Error and Amblyopia might go undiagnosed if not screened precisely at a young age. Young children under five are especially sensitive to these issues since they cannot articulate themselves, and thus, they need regular eye exam.

The pediatric ophthalmology services of Dr. Akbar Super Speciality Eye Hospitals are best in class when it comes to providing the finest care for children's eye disorders, whether simple or complicated. Our well-experienced specialists use cutting-edge surgical equipment to provide the needed diagnosis and treatment, all under one roof.

What are the symptoms of Pediatric Eye problems?

Pediatric eye problems may include problems with your child’s vision, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. In addition, your child may experience problems with his or her eyesight after being born, such as during the newborn stage. Some other eye problems in children may include:

  • Eye pain
  • Eye discharge
  • Blurred vision
  • Strained eyesight
  • Refusing to open eye
  • Poor vision
  • Night blindness

What are the Different Types of Pediatric Eye Treatment?

There are many types of pediatric eye treatments, but some of the most common include:

  • Surgery: This is the most common type of treatment for pediatric eye problems. Surgery can fix problems such as a misaligned eye or a detached retina.
  • Medications: Pediatric patients often take medications to help treat their eye problems. These medications can help improve vision or reduce the need for surgery.
  • Vision Therapy: Vision therapy is a type of treatment that helps improve vision in pediatric patients. This therapy can help improve the coordination of the eyes, which can lead to better vision.

Our Pediatric Ophthalmology Services Are:

Pediatric Refractive Errors Evaluation

Children with refractive error need regular assessment and prescription adjustment of glasses due to eye growth. Precise evaluation of refractive error in children is done with retinoscopy.

Pediatric Cataract Surgeries Under General Anesthesia

Pediatric cataract surgery is performed to clear the visual axis, and afterward, visual rehabilitation is performed. Children's surgery varies from adult surgery, as they have reduced corneal and scleral stiffness, extremely elastic anterior capsules, soft lens, and a well-formed vitreous.

Pediatric Squint Evaluation and Surgical Management

Squint refers to an eye condition where eyes are not aligned in the same direction. Squint correction is a highly specialized procedure performed by our pediatric eye experts and is a popular therapy for resolving decreased vision, depth perception, double vision, and difficulty reading.

Amblyopia(Lazy Eye) Management

Amblyopia occurs when there is a breakdown in how the brain and eye work together, the affected eye is unable to focus and sends wrong image signals to the brain. Patching exercise is used to treat amblyopia in children below ten.

If you are looking for an experienced and child-friendly pediatric ophthalmologist near you, schedule an appointment at Dr. Akbar Super Speciality Eye Hospitals. Our team of skilled pediatric ophthalmologists is committed to improving your child’s vision and eye health.

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Why choose Dr. Akbar Super Speciality Eye Hospitals?

With a solid reputation for safe, blade-free surgeries and exceptional patient care, we take pride in the level of expertise that we offer in treating even the most complex eye problems. We never pressurize our patients for any procedure or surgery. Instead, we will discuss your needs and difficulties before offering a feasible solution to improve your vision.

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As a super specialty eye care hospital, we ensure complete transparency and adopt ethical practices, prioritizing your safety.

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Experience And Training

With more than 25 years of experience and NABH accreditation, we excel in eye care.

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Advanced Technology

We use the latest state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment technology to perform blade-free surgeries.

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We believe in a strong patient-doctor relationship and are always available to give you personalized care.

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